Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to Get Unstuck and Earn Relevance


I received a note from a dear friend while on the road with what seemed to be a simple request. “Would you have time to make a 60 second video that shares advice for how to #GetUnstuck?” Easier said than done.

We all hit those barriers where we get stuck or worse, go backward. It's not just any one thing that causes these moments. And, it's not any one thing that helps break through them.

Sometimes we…

…just can't see the right way to go.

…lose confidence.

…wrestle with too much pressure.

…struggle with creativity.

…simply can't get inspired.

It's all ok. It's all normal. We all go through this. Personally, it happens more often than not. But, I'm learning how to dig deep to share what I see and feel. In the end, it's how we connect with one another. It's how we deliver meaningful experiences. We share a bit of ourselves in all we do. And, that's not an easy thing to do.

I wanted to share my thoughts with you here. I hope this helps.

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How to Get Unstuck and Earn Relevance

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