Monday, February 8, 2016

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This Week in Realtime Media

Politics: Iowa Votes First

After countless debates and months of campaigning, the first votes of the 2016 presidential race were cast in Iowa last Monday night.

There were more than 800,000 mentions across all media of the Iowa Caucuses over the last five days. Below, you can see how momentum started to build the day at dawn on caucus day. By 7 P.M. CST, the total mentions volume was higher than any day in the week leading up to it:


Early indications showed that turnout for the caucus was high, leading many to believe it would be a good night for Trump and Sanders. Both the businessman and the Vermont Senator lead the way in their respective parties, with Trump receiving close to three times as many mentions as Ted Cruz, and Sanders receiving about twice as much attention as Hillary Clinton:


As the polls started to close, the tables began to turn -- especially on the GOP front. Not only did Donald Trump come in second place in the caucus, he also lost the mentions race (one of the only times this has happened):


Dropouts also occurred throughout the night with Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee...


...and the departure of the only remaining Democratic candidate outside of Sanders and Clinton, Martin O'Malley:


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